Amateur radio books on You Tube

biblio_2I recently published  my first video to present amateur radio books on You Tube, a little like the famous booktubers. Most of the books I will present are written in english, be it from US or UK. Some are in french, most of them are references here.

The first video is about ‘The Complete DX’er” written by Bob Locher, W9KNI. I thought it could be of interest for english speaking people to look at this video. So, I first set french subtitles to help understanding the meaning (it seems I speak fast :-)), and eventually for people with hearing impaired.

Then I took back the .srt file and I translated all the text in english (almost :-)) and made it available in the subtitle menu in the You Tube video.

You can see the video on my You Tube channel. I hope you will enjoy and please, subscribe and do not hesitate to comment the video and give your feeling about the translation.



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